Behaviour Modification

If you have a problem with your dog's behaviour and call on a canine behaviourist, you have to be sure that they are fully qualified and not simply a dog owner that has decided to 'try out' some acquired knowledge.

I have several qualifications achieved through serious study with the Cambridge Institute Of Dog Training And Behaviour completed over several years as well as completing a Master’s degree through Middlesex University in canine behaviour and psychology.

I am also Full member and vice Chairman of the CFBA - The Canine and Feline behaviour Association and a Master Trainer with the MGODT - Guild of Dog Trainers.

I own six dogs that are all trained to a high degree of obedience and three of my pack I use as my testing partners when completing a consultation at a client’s home.

Behaviour problems can be quite complex and often the symptoms that a client sees as the main problem has a deeper cause and it is this cause that I investigate and modify through the utilisation of my extensive knowledge of the psychology of dogs.

This year in particular I have resolved several cases of dog on dog aggression, dog on people aggression, separation anxiety, hyper boisterous behaviour, excessive barking, various phobias, guarding aggression, intra dog aggression and many other behaviour problems.

There can be no absolute guarantee that a behaviour issue can be fully resolved however I have had excellent results and you can see some of the comments posted by my clients on my testimonial pages.

All my consultations are followed up with a detailed report clearly documenting the programme we have agreed and also containing the detail that can sometimes be forgotten when I have left.

All clients also have access to me via phone or email if there are any questions following the consultation day. You will not be disappointed!

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